The firm Alessandro Aprile was founded in 1964, with only a few means at disposal and great enthusiasm, and soon gained a foothold in both civil and public construction fields. The growth continued with the generational handover: the daughter Flavia and her husband Paolo Pontel, with vision and dynamism, diversified the firm’s activities with the addition of conservative restorations and environmental rehabilitations to its works.

The family business identity was then redefined in order to give a better response to the new needs of both market and territory. The new formula makes it possible to meet the current new challenges of the market and to give ever more targeted solutions to the customer’s needs.

“Alessandro Aprile’s success lasts thanks to the desire to evolve and to keep taking on new challenges.”

In our work, we are committed to offer a full service while managing all the work phases: diagnostic surveys, specimen, analyses, studies and evaluations, transport, operative management, waste disposal, proposals for new solutions on restorations and for new high-efficiency materials. This key feature allows us to put together the craft tradition and the use of technology in all of our interventions.

Our goal is to look to the future with commitment and sensibility towards the world of architecture, making our contribution, protecting the environment, to a cleaner world.