Environmental rehabilitation

We look to the future. It means, to us, giving priority to the natural environment that we were entrusted with, so that it is respected, safeguarded, enshrined, improved.

Over the years, we have worked so that our energy and ideas were set towards this goal: keep the territory completely alive and sane for the next generations. In order to this to happen, with the best possible result, we study the working and intervention methods and make use of cutting-edge technology; we invest in knowledge and adopt both specific human resources and means.

We have trained and learned, kept updated and to-revealized in all kinds of environmental rehabilitation with an adequate management of: special waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous; industrial, agricultural and craft areas; various types of ground, streams, indoors and/or outdoors polluted sites; production chain of various kinds, cisterns, tanks and purges; analysis report, execution of environmental surveys and decontaminations.

We have put a sensitive and specific attention to the asbestos issue, be it friable or compact, which is still too present on our territory and for so long underestimated, granting a global service.

We have the necessary licenses and we are duly registered on the “Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali” (the national register for environmental operators) on the following categories: CAT. 10A waste management organization, CAT. 8F waste intermediation, CAT. 5F and 11 transport of waste and on own account.

We recruit only highly qualified and cleared personnel, using the firm’s equipment/resources, in full compliance with the concerning law.

We work for it, so that mankind can have a future, but only if we will be able to give a future to the world itself.