Other projects

Regional Parking garage

  • Trieste
  • 2016

Work for adaptation on firefighting at the parking garage on Via Boccaccio.

Casa del Curato "La Centa"

  • Joannis/Aiello d.f.
  • 2008

Reinforcement and restoration of the buildings “Casa del Curato” and Canipa of the complex called "Centa".

Casa G. Juri

  • Udine
  • 2015

Restoration and protection of the façade of "Casa Juri G." in Udine, with specialized cleaning of the flourishes.

Medieval House

  • Cividale del Friuli
  • 2015

Conservative restoration of both internal and external levels of the historical Medieval House.

Resistance Museum

  • Palmanova
  • 2010

Fitting-out work at the Resistance Museum and rehabilitation of the holding cells of the former "Caserma Piave".

Fluvial work

  • Marano Lagunare
  • 2014

Fluvial work to build a section of dock with sheet piling and ancillary works on the North Bank of Canale Taglio.

Gym in Rivignano

  • Rivignano
  • 2015

Rehabilitation and fitting-out of the Gym in Teor.

Restoration Porta Aquileia

  • Palmanova
  • 2010

Restoration and conservative rehabilitation of Porta Aquileia.